Friday, 17 June 2011

Singapore Zoo (One of the Best Zoo in the World)

Have you ever been to Singapore zoo?? Well, it is one of the best zoo in the world and worth visiting…very interesting and interactive especially for education learning.. It was opened in June 1973.

The place is very huge with a rainforest environment that covers the area of 28 hectares.There are varieties of animals well managed within their ‘natural habitats’ environment such as monkeys, orangutan, elephant , rhino, tree kangaroos, lemurs, mousedeer, fruit bats ,butterflies and also baboons...

There are various activities being held at the zoo such as animals show and educational programs...    

From my point of view the orangutan attract the most of the visitors especially when it comes to Jungle Breakfast with wildlife...

We can have breakfast accompanied by the orangutan, elephants and so forth. 
At the moment, there are about 315 animal species can be found here and 16% of it are threatened species. 

The opening hour is from 8.30 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. daily. If possible go early in the morning since afternoon a bit crowded and hot. Take your time at least 1 full day walking around the zoo..We can also take a tram and boat ride..

There are food outlets and restaurant to be found here like KFC and Pizza Safari..oh yes, the entrance fee  for adults is S$18 and S$9 for children. There are few group packages that we can consider and cheaper compared to individual fee.

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